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UK Laws about your data is yours & we run all of our downloads through the UK.

When the app is finished we’ll send you an invite to set up an account. You will have a live backup & you can download a copy to your computer.

Yep we’ll save your data for 3 months

Yep you totally can but your followers, your likes, your comments, your shares, your sounds and some other cool stuff is a lot to try and manually save – Our App grabs all of this for you…

We’re working on an app that does more than just save your info. Our app will help you connect you to your followers on other platforms like Instagram or Youtube. We are even looking at creating something super top secret… (learn More here)

Then you’ll still have all your data backed up, your videos, followers, conversations, and interactions – we have no idea what’s going to happen – are you willing to risk losing some or all of your TikTok life in that transition?

There are over 80m TikTok users in the US. It takes 12-30 mins to backup an account and we can run about 1000 accounts at a time. We’ll have 72 days until the deadline so we can only do about 3,000,000 users – are you going to be one of them?

YES – there is an affiliate program AND we match any affiliate $$ you earn with a donation to your favorite charity.

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